HSOY ry in English


HSOY ry is the student organization for all the students of Johdon assistenttityön ja kielten koulutusohjelma-programme and Degree Programme for Multilingual Management Assistants. The name HSOY comes from the words Helsingin Sihteeriopiston Ylioppilaskunta, which roughly translates to the Student association of the Helsinki Secretary Academy. HSOY ry has existed nearly as long as the degree programme itself. The degree programme was founded on 1966 and HSOY ry began its existence on 1968. The official language of HSOY ry is Finnish.

HSOY ry represents the students of aforementioned degree programmes in the internal matters of Haaga-Helia, participates in developing the degree programme, organizes activities, excursions and parties in cooperation with other student organizations, and works tightly with the labor union Aito HSO, which is the labor union for graduates of aforementioned degree programmes.

Membership of HSOY ry is free. Any and all students of the aforementioned degree programmes are welcome to join. If you want to join, come to the office of HSOY ry in Helga Kitchen to fill the membership form.

HSOY´s board for 2017.

The board of HSOY ry for 2017

Chairperson – Hanna Mäkinen pj@hsoyry.fi

Vice-chairperson – Lotta Pahkakangas vpj@hsoyry.fi

Treasurer – Anna Siltala rahastonhoitaja@hsoyry.fi

Secretary – Silja Rajala sihteeri@hsoyry.fi

Events coordinator – Iida Tuunainen tapahtumat@hsoyry.fi

Events coordinator – Alina Rautava tapahtumat@hsoyry.fi

Members coordinator – Aino Kimppa jasen@hsoyry.fi

Members coordinator – Henna Merikivi jasen@hsoyry.fi

Communications coordinator – Foluso Ajetunmobi tiedottaja@hsoyry.fi

Student welfare – Hannu Lehtinen opiskelijahyvinvointi@hsoyry.fi


Our office is located in the Helga Kitchen in room 1K004D.

You’ll find us from our office during following times in the 5th period:

Mon 10.00-11.30 Hannu Lehtinen

Tue 11.00–13.00 Anna Siltala

Wed 10.00–11.30 Iida Tuunainen

Thu 12.00–13.30 Foluso Ajetunmobi

Fri 11.00–12.30 Lotta Pahkakangas

Come and say hi, we warmly welcome you!