You can become a member of HSOY ry for free if you study business in Haaga-Helia. There is also a possibility to buy a membership if you study something else than business.

Why should I become a member? 

Our membership benefits special prices for parties, other events and coverall badges, exclusive member nights and member events such as sitzt and excursions/company visits. As a member you have guidance in advocacy and student well-being matters. Our newsletter will keep you posted on student life and topical issues related to Haaga-Helia.  

Join us! 

You can fill out our application in

Below instructions for becoming a member.

The membership update is as easy as buying the event tickets:

  • Download -application or go to their website
  • Sign up or log in to
  • Using the search tool or “memberships” -site you find “HSOY ry jäsenyys/ membership”.
  • Click the shopping cart icon next to the membership and fill up your information on the form.
  • Click “Order”.
  • Press the red shopping cart icon if you won’t be directed to the “Check your order” site.
  • Click “Make an order”
  • You’ll find your membership from’s wallet located the right top corner and you can update your information anytime.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or problems with updating your membership in

What if I want to resign?

If you want to resign your membership, please get in touch with us via e-mail (

Have an idea for the event?

If you have any ideas for events, please send us an email ( or stop by our office! New members, activities and ideas are most welcome!