Inka Syväjärvi – chairperson

The chairperson represents the association and is responsible for its actions. They ensure that the association’s operations are legal and that every board member knows and takes care of their duties. The chairman convenes and chairs the board meetings, manages the association’s external relations, and develops the association’s activities.

MARIKA TÅNG – vice chairperson

The vice chairperson is the chairperson’s right hand and coordinates the association’s operations with the chairperson. The vice chair takes care of the chairperson’s duties if unavailable.

Hanna tikkanen – secretary

The secretary maintains the member register and takes care of meeting arrangements. They draw up the meeting’s agenda, write the meeting minutes and memos, and file the documents.

Jasmin Hannunen – treasurer

The treasurer takes care of the association’s funds. They take care of the association’s current money affairs, follow the budget and keep the board up to date on the association’s financial situation. The treasurer also takes care of the books and makes the financial statement. 


Annika Nordenswan & Tommi Tuominen – event coordinator

The event coordinators organize the association’s events such as parties and sitzs. They collaborate with other student associations and venues.

Jenni Kaasalainen – communications coordinator

The communications coordinator takes care of the association’s external communications and visual look. They update the association’s social media and website. They also send member letters regularly via e-mail.

Member and welfare services

We take care of the association’s member and welfare matters. We create connections between our members and partner companies, represent members in the school’s education politics, and organize member events, where members can network with each other. We also prepare our association for orientation week, where we welcome new members. Troubles with member matters? Contact us at or 

EVELIINA LEHKONEN – member event coordinator

Arranging events specifically for members such as member nights, pre-parties, and sitz for beginners.

SARA KARTTUNEN – corporate relations coordinator

The corporate relations coordinator takes care of organizing excursions and maintaining our contacts. They also contact companies.

OONA MÄKELÄ – advocacy coordinator

The advocacy coordinator takes care of the association’s advocacy matters. They attend various meetings with students, degree program management, and school management and collaborate with other associations’ education and social policy coordinators. They participate in discussions regarding education matters and student well-being. The advocacy coordinator takes care of the welfare basket in HSOY ry’s office. They also coordinate the HSOY list for Helga’s representative council’s election.


Community Officer is an approachable representative of the Board, who is responsible for office hours and actives club.