Silja Rajala – Chairperson 

Chairperson represents the board and oversees its actions. Chairperson makes sure that the association’s everyday life and projects keep on going and everything is done “by the book”. They coordinate the board’s actions, takes care of public relations, develop the association, take part of practical work, summons the board meetings and chairs the meetings. Chairperson makes sure that all board members know what their duties are and oversees board members’ duties.

Hannu Lehtinen – Vice chairperson 

The vice-chairperson is chairpersons’ right hand, who supports chairperson. If the chairperson is inhibited, the vice-chairperson as acting chairperson. 

Laura Aavikko – Secretary 

Secretary is in charge of associations document management: secretary draw up the agendas and the minutes of the board meeting and is in charge of filing process. Secretary takes care of the meeting preparations and administers membership register

Anna Siltala – Treasurer 

Treasurer oversees associations assets. The treasurer takes care of the everyday financial matters, accounting, budgeting, and balances the books. 

Sonja Järvelä & Iris Zakowski – Event coordinators 

Event coordinators organize parties and other events such as sitzt.  They cooperate with our business partners such as night clubs in the Helsinki region. 

Janika Markkila & Jennifer Mikluha – Member coordinators 

Member coordinators are in charge of member-related matters. They organize member events (such as member nights, excursions, etc.), update membership material and coordinate new ideas and projects to level up our member experience.  

Sanna Kärnä – Communications coordinator 

The communications coordinator oversees external communication and visual appearance of the association. They update our web page, write monthly newsletters and update social media platforms. 

Student welfare coordinator 

Student welfare coordinator is in charge of advocacy. They participate in different meetings regarding on student’s well-being and education in Haaga-Helia. They organises in cooperation with member coordinators events which improve members well-being. If you have any problems with your studies or the quality of education, you can contact our student welfare coordinator.