Student Welfare

Education politics is any matters related to education. HSOY’s responsibility in education politics is to develop ASSI/LIIDI and MuBBA/SeBBA degree programmes. Our goal is that the degree programmes provides our students high-quality education which includes an opportunity to grow as professionals and gives tools for modern working life. Please contact our student welfare coordinator if you have any problems with the quality of your education or have some ideas on how to improve the education.  

We do advocacy in cooperation with the student union Helga ry and the trade union Skilla ry. The Student welfare coordinator participates in different meetings regarding student’s well-being and education in Haaga-Helia. 

HSOY represents its members in the following meetings and committees: 

– Administration and students meeting (JOOP) 

– Annual meetings with the Head of the degree programmes and Head of the Digital Business Unit 

– Student representative in trade union Aito HSO ry’s board 

– Quality ASSI/LIIDI and MuBBA/SeBBA committe

We have a welfare package in our office where you can find for example a painkiller.