Privacy policy

Data protection description pursuant to personal data legislation (the Personal Data Act 523/1999, Sections 10 and 24), in line with Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council.  

Data controller 

HSOY ry   ( 99.220)

Contact person for matters related to the data file 

Kiia Moisio 

Name of register 

The membership register of HSOY ry 

The basis for keeping the register 

A person has joined as a member of HSOY ry. 

Purpose of the register 

The primary use for the register is to keep record of members of HSOY ry. The data of the register is used for informing members of events, verifying membership during the events and in other communicational purposes. 

Personal data is processed responsibly within the limits permitted by the Personal Data Act. The personal data of registered members will not be handed over to third party without permission. The data can be used for statistical purposes. A person has the right to deny the sharing of personal data and/or to request the deletion of their data by informing the data controller via email The time limit for data processing is 4 years unless the registered requests deletion of their personal data earlier

Information content of the register

The register includes the following information: 

  • Name 
  • Place of domicile 
  • Email address 
  • Degree programmes (ASSI/MUBBA/LIIDI/SEBBA)
  • Starting group 
  • Permission to forward personal data to the trade union Skilla ry 

Disclosure of data 

The data of the register is used only by HSOY ry. Data can be handed over to the trade union Skilla ry if the registered has expressed their will of disclosure properly. The register is located in the European Union. Personal data is not transferred outside the European Union unless it is necessary to ensure the technical implementation. 

The rights of the registered person 

The registered person has a right to review the information stored in a register. This is possible by contacting register’s contact person via email and booking an appointment to HSOY ry’s office. Identity will be verified during the visit and after that, all personal data stored will be handed over to the registered person. 

Protection of the register 

The register will not be handed over to outsiders. The register is located in a password-protected service. Using the register requires internal access rights of HSOY ry