Student’s ABC

Student association 

Formed by students, with a goal to take care of its students’ wellbeing. For ASSI/LIIDI- and MuBBA/SeBBA students the association is HSOY ry. Other student associations in Pasila are e.g. Atkins ry, Talko ry and IDS Helga. 

Skilla ry 

Bachelor of Business Administration, HSO’s and HSO – secretaries’s trade union. Skilla ry is MuBBA/SeBBA and ASSI/LIIDI students’ own trade union. 


Is an abbreviation for assistant. Often used when referring to all assistant students, both from the Finnish ASSI and international MuBBA programme students. Degree Programme for Management Assistants’ and Modern Languages. 

Atkins ry 

The student association for IT students. An important partner to HSOY, e.g.  organizing parties. Our next-door neighbor on the basement floor in Pasila. The students are called TiKo (when study language is Finnish) or BITE (when study language is English). 


The Basement is the lowest floor in Haaga-Helia’s Pasila campus. The Helga Kitchen, lounge and for student union and associations offices are located on this floor. 


Business Information Technology student. 

Company visit aka excursion 

HSOY ry organizes company visits to different organisations a couple of times during a semester. Visits have been done e.g. to Wolt and the marketing company Miltton.Page Break 

Digital Business Unit 

Assistant, IT and journalism educational unit, which includes all the ASSI/LIIDI, MuBBA/SeBBA, TIKO, BITE and JOURA students. 

ESN Helga 

Student union Helga’s activity group for international exchange students of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. 


A student of the first semester/year. For every fresher there are assigned walking information banks and guardian angels called tutors, who can be recognized by the purple tutor shirt. Freshers participate in the Freshers’ Party during their first semester. 

Freshers’ Party 

Every spring and fall Helga organises a freshers’ party in which the freshers get to compete and perform little tasks in several checkpoints throughout Helsinki. The Freshers’ Party is without a doubt one the must-go parties during your studies! 

Hattara ry 

Haaga-Helia Malmi campus’ local association. 

Helga Kitchen & Lounge 

Helga Lounge is the students’ living room – a place where you can take it easy. THe Helga Lounge is located at Haaga-Helia Pasila campus right next to Helga office (basement). At Helga Lounge you can for example play board and social games – you can also lend them from Helga. You can also connect e.g. Playstation, dvd-player etc. to the tv. 

HePo ry 

Haaga-Helia Porvoo campus’ local association.Page Break 

HSOY ry 

The degree programme association for management assistant students (MuBBA and ASSI) and business service solution students (LIIDI/SeBBA). 

IDS Helga 

Student union Helga’s activity group for international students and internationalization possibilities for Finnish students. Their mission is to fulfill the special needs of international degree students during their study in Finland. 

A mobile application and a web page which is often used for getting tickets to events. This is also the place where you register for your HSOY membership. 


The Finnish Degree Programme for Business Service Solutions and Modern Languages (former Degree Programme for Management Assistants’ and Modern Languages.) 

Member night 

HSOY ry organises member nights throughout the semester. Member nights have a changing theme and there you have an opportunity to get to know more about what the HSOY ry does as well as other students who study with you. 


Degree Programme for Multilingual Management Assistants. 

Myynnin perhe 

Haaga-Helia sales students’ association. 

Pore ry 

Haaga-Helia Haaga campus’ local association. 

Helga’s Representative council 

The Representative Council is the ultimate authority in the student union Helga. The council consists of 20 members and 20 deputies, who are all elected by the members of the student union. 


Degree Programme for Business Service Solutions and Modern Languages (former MuBBA). 


Traditional Nordic academic dinner party, which includes speeches, eating, toasting and singing Finnish and Swedish drinking songs. Sitzt can also have a theme. This is a good way to get to know people across the academic borders! The language spoken is usually Finnish so remember to bring a Finnish speaker with you! 

Skuuppi ry 

Haaga-Helia journalist students’ association. 

Sture ry 

Haaga-Helia finance students’ association. 


The student association for the students of electrical engineering in Aalto University. A co-operation partner of HSOY. 

Tahkon Talli ry 

Haaga-Helia Vierumäki campus’ local association. 

Talko ry 

Haaga-Helian Pasila campus’ business administration students’ association.Page Break 


Student of the Finnish equivalent of Business Information Technology programme. 


A fellow student who has gone through tutor training and is committed to helping freshmen get started and guide in anything study or student life related. As a freshman you will get a tutor assigned to you. 


Vappu aka May Day is a legendary Finnish holiday. In year 2019 the 8-day Wappu organised by Helga lasted for 12 days. All the student associations of Haaga-Helia take part in organising the daily events. Wappu keeps getting bigger and is known to last up to 2 weeks in certain Tech. Universities. Never miss Wappu.