Super Pass

SUPER –pass

What is a SUPER pass? 

SUPER –pass was launched by HSOY in the fall 2014. This pass will be given to all new students. The idea is to participate in different events mentioned in the pass and get stamps to verify your participation. Once you have collected 10 stamps your activity will be rewarded with a coverall badge which is only available to those who have collected the required stamps to the pass. 

There is no time limit in which you need to complete the pass. Some might participate to 10 events during one semester, and others might use whole of their 3,5 years to finish it. 

How, when and where can I get a stamp? Who can give a stamp? 

In each event there will be at least one representative of HSOY ry present. Most likely it will be someone from the HSOY ry board, but it could also be a tutor or a representative of the trade union Aito HSO who can give the stamp. The board will give separate information on this in Facebook, Instagram webpage and/or in the member newsletter. 

You won’t be able to get the stamp afterwards! So make sure you have the pass with you at all times and remember to ask for a stamp in every event you take part in. 

What does the ”other activity” -spot mean? 

This covers all other events and activities not mentioned in the pass. HSOY will give more information on these once the extra opportunities arise! 

What is meant by ”Sitz waitressing” mentioned in the pass? 

HSOY ry organises 1 to 2 sitzs each semester and waitressing at our sitzs is done by students. This is a fun event, and there is no need for prior experience, since there will be a detailed briefing to the task. You can sign up alone or take a friend with you! To get more information about the waitressing opportunities please visit our Facebook page, web site and read the newsletter or send an email to our member coordinator to 

Waitresses don’t pay the participation fee and they get the food and drinks for free. On top of this the waitresses are welcome to join the other sitz guests for the after party!  

What if I lose my pass? 

You can collect a new copy from the HSOY ry’s office. Unfortunately, participation to the past events may be difficult to prove afterwards, so we cannot 

replace the stamps you had in your pass before. But don’t be sad. Gathering all the ten stamps is easy and fun!